Robertshaw 5000 Series Electric Thermostats



Product Description:

The Robertshaw® 5000 Series Electric Thermostat is a heavy-duty thermostat designed for use in harsh applications where precise temperature control is required. The control uses a double pole single throw (DPST) snap-action mechanism with a positive OFF switch. It is recommended for use on applications that require double pole operation and accurate temperature control.

  • DPST with positive OFF
  • Mechanical snap-action is instantaneous, positive and non-fatiguing
  • Reacts to exceedingly small movements of the diaphragms for very close temperature differential
  • Diaphragm assembly features two stainless steel diaphragms electrically welded together
  • Maximum sensitivity without over-stressing the metal
  • Supplied with terminals mounted in four different positions
  • Bulb and capillary available in copper, nickel plated copper, or stainless steel