Robertshaw 700 Series Gas Valves



Product Description:

The Robertshaw® 2-Stage 24 Volt Gas Valves - standing pilot as well as intermittent pilot models - feature reliability, performance, flexibility and easy installation all in one compact control. These valves feature a manual valve (gas cock), inlet/outlet screens, pilot gas filter, and pilot adjustment key. Models have a slotted automatic pilot safety magnet to provide gas shut-off in case of a pilot outage.

  • Pilot outlet 1/4” tubing
  • Terminal type 1/4” quick-connect
  • Ambient temperature of -40°F to 175°F
  • Maximum inlet pressure 14” WC (0.5 PSI)
  • Standard NEMA terminals
  • Inlet filtered screen
  • Various gas types: natural, manufactured, mixed, LP, and LP/air mixtures
  • RoHS compliant