Robertshaw 4200 Series Commercial Gas Thermostats



Product Description:

The Robertshaw® 4200 Series Gas Thermostat is a heavy-duty, high capacity gas thermostat. These units are available with modulating only or with modulating snap-acting bypass. Both pilot and bypass adjustments are provided. Pilot outlets and customized settings are optional. They are available for a wide variety of applications such as deck ovens, convection ovens, baking ovens, and ranges.

  • Heat resistant materials and rugged design
  • The pilot and bypass keys are accessible and the pilot and keys are slotted for easy adjustment from the front of the control
  • Provides temperature control on most gas appliance systems
  • Allows for low temperature control
  • Modulates the main gas supply and controls the bypass gas with a snap under the same thermostatic action
  • Bulb and capillary assemblies supplied in copper, nickel plated copper or steel
  • 4-Way mounting position
  • RoHS Compliant