Stiebel SunWarmth CIR Infrared Heater CIR 200-2 O



Sun-like warmth for instant heat without pre-heating Step from the shade into sunlight and the Sun's infrared light instantly warms you. A SunWarmth heater uses that same infrared light for that same comfortable feeling almost anywhere. Standard fan or convection heaters heat the air. The infrared light from a SunWarmth CIR heater economically heats the object, not the space, for maximum comfort and minimal energy usage. The short-wave infrared technology in a CIR heater uses less energy than similar heaters using medium-wave infrared. SunWarmth CIR Outdoor heaters are perfect for outdoor heating for comfort or to extend the season on decks, patios, and balconies in homes or restaurants. It is an economical heater for a shop bench or production workstation where it can keep a worker comfortable without paying to heat the entire space, or heat or dry materials for production. A SunWarmth CIR heater is perfect for heating in any cool area where comfort is needed.