Stiebel Eltron Accelera 300 E Heat Pump Water Heater



Accelera heat pump water heaters save up to 80% of hot water costs because they extract heat to make hot water from energy in the air. The heat pump draws less energy than a toaster while it is running and making hot water. In warm climates, Accelera can be placed in a garage, where it uses the heat from the outside air; or inside the house, where it helps with air conditioning. In cooler climates, it is typically placed in a basement where it also dehumidifies the air. Our heat pump water heaters have been the largest seller in Germany for 40 years, evidence that our engineering excellence and high-quality manufacturing results in products fulfilling the highest expectations of performance and reliability.

  • Annual savings for hot water for a family of 4 can run as high as $740
  • 79.8 Gallon Tank Capacity, Digital Display, Impressed Current Anode Corrosion Protection, Redesigned Air Flow
  • 240 volt and with only a single 15 amp circuit breaker
  • ENERGY STAR energy factor is 3.39 and DOE estimated energy usage is best in class 1289 kWh/yr
  • Household size recommendation is 3-5 people, possibly 6
  • Simple LED interface with no complicated modes to set to achieve outstanding savings, provides easy-to-read performance information
  • Meets tier 1 Northern climate specification
  • Federal, state, local, and utility financial incentives that may be available
  • Electronic anode never needs maintenance
  • Optimal storage capacity and a design minimizing booster element usage allows for both high efficiency and low operating cost
  • Engineered for efficiency in a wide range of climates