Delta Pivotal: Monitor 17 Series Valve Trim with 3-Setting Integrated Diverter, T27899



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Product Description:

Delta Pivotal™: 17 Series Integrated Diverter Trim - 3 Function Diverter

  • Lumicoat™ Finishes easily wipe clean and are guaranteed to resist mineral buildup and hard water stains on the product’s most commonly touched areas
  • Delta MultiChoice Integrated Shower Diverter provides a sleek, streamlined style for your shower while eliminating the need for an additional diverter valve
  • Top handle controls diverter functions
  • Bottom handle controls on/off and adjusts volume, while the dial controls temperature
  • 2-port, 3-position diverter
  • 2 individual and 1 shared position
  • Monitor® 17 Series dual-function pressure balance cartridge

Installation Guide