TOTO UT104E#01 Commercial Washout Urinal With Top Spud, Cotton White



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This commercial compact wall mounted urinal with integral trap is ADA compliant and features a 3/4-Inch top spud inlet and 2-Inch I.P.S. outlet. High Efficiency, 0.5 Gpf. Outlet connection and mounting set. TOTO continues to advance its leadership in eco-efficient fixtures and fittings with the introduction of four 0.5 GPF High Efficiency Urinals (HEUs). The HEU's and 0.5 GPF EcoPower Flush Valves are engineered to work together as a system to achieve the ultimate in water conservation and flushing performance. When ordering TOTO 0.5 GPF HEUs, TOTO 0.5 GPF EcoPower Flush Valves are highly recommended For maximum performance.
  • High Efficiency Urinal, 0.5 Gpf
  • Powerful washdown flushing action
  • Flushometer Valve is not included
  • Cotton White
  • One Year Limited Warranty
  • Height : 21.75 inches , Depth (rim) : 14 inches , Wide : 13 inches