Truebro 82197 Lav Guard 2 100 Series Undersink Molded Vinyl Basket Strainer Cover and 18" Adjustable Offset Waste Cover (106 E-Z)



The Truebro brand has been dedicated to "Making America Accessible" by creating products that address ADA-mandated undersink accessibility. Lav Guard 2 E-Z 100 series provides the durable, attractive, ADA compliant undersink protection that the original Truebro Lav Guard is famous for. Built-in E-Z Grip fasteners and internal E-Z Tear-To-Fit trimming features eliminate the need for tools, and provide for a clean, tamper-resistant, super-fast professional installation. Lav Guard 2 can be installed over cast brass or tubular P-trap assemblies and angle stop assemblies. Lav Guard 2 provides a professional and quick-to-install ADA compliant solution for all public lavatories.