Watts 0009257 Water Pressure Reducing Valve, 3/4-Inch



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Product Description:
  • Sealed spring cage for accessible outdoor or pit applications
  • For water supply pressures up to 300psi
  • Integral stainless steel strainer and bypass feature that controls thermal expansion pressure
  • Designed for easy in-line servicing; has replaceable seat module

Designed so you can easily service without removing valve from the line, this WATTS water pressure reducing valve can reduce the incoming water pressure to help protect plumbing system components and reduce water consumption. Model has a standard bypass feature that allows the flow of water back through the valve into the main when pressure, due to thermal expansion on the outlet side of the valve, exceeds the pressure in the main supply.Note: The bypass feature will not prevent the pressure relief valve from opening on the hot water supply system with pressure above 150psi.