Watts Radiant M-Series - 7-Port - Stainless Steel Manifold - Complete Kit - 1" Trunk - 3/4" BSP Ports



Watts Radiant stainless steel manifolds combine the benefits of high-grade materials with fantastic engineering to deliver a complete, effective manifold package. High-grade, heavy-walled stainless steel gives the manifold unrivaled strength against both corrosion and bursting, along with a professional appearance. Flowmeter valves allow for easy circuit isolation for repairs or maintenance, while a full array of brass and nickel fittings allows Watts Radiant stainless steel manifolds to fill nearly any role imaginable.
  • Included Trunk Isolation Valve Kit
  • This trunk isolation ball valve kit includes two isolation ball valves, a vent-and-purge assembly, and a manifold end cap. It provides the ability to isolate the manifold from the rest of the circuit at will.
  • Top Grade Steel
  • Watts Radiant SST20 manifolds are built around a heavy-walled stainless steel trunk. The grade of steel used gives the manifold unparalleled corrosion resistance and the durability needed to last for years.
  • Included Flow Balancing Valves and Flow Meters
  • The SST20 manifold comes with flow meters and balancing valves standard. The flowmeters allow for a complete flow rate readout at a glance, while the balancing valves allow for quick and easy flow balancing across all circuits.
  • Fast and Easy to Install
  • The included, pre-mounted manifold brackets keep installation time to an absolute minimum. This means you'll save both time and money when compared to installation of other manifolds.
  • Full Line of Accessories
  • Watts Radiant SST20 stainless steel manifolds feature a full line of quality accessories and fittings to compliment the manifold itself. These fittings are made of solid brass plated by nickel to resist corrosion and match the appearance of the manifold.
  • Product Includes
  • (1) Watts Radiant SST20 Manifold
  • (1) Vent-and-Purge Assembly
  • (1) Manifold End Cap
  • (2) Trunk Isolation Ball Valves