Watts 0100155 3/4" Lead Free Copper Tankless Water Heater Valve Installation Kit



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  • Lead free brass construction
  • Full port valve
  • 3/4 FPT connections Size

Series LFTWH tankless water heater valves are designed to simplify the installation maintenance and operation of tankless water heaters. The LFTHW features Lead Free construction to comply with Lead Free installation requirements. A tankless water heater valve shall be installed where indicated on the plans. The valve shall facilitate isolation of the water heater from the water lines water heater purging draining and a provision for a pressure relief valve. The Lead Free Tankless Water Heater Valves shall comply with state codes and standards where applicable requiring reduced lead content. The valve shall be a Watts Series LFTWH.


Material Copper
Brand Watts
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 10 x 3 inches
Exterior Finish Brass
Certification NSF, Ansi
Valve Type Tankless water heater valve sensor

About this item

  • TANKLESS WATER HEATER VALVE KIT: Watts LFTWH-FT-HCN service valve kit for tankless water heater valves simplify the installation, maintenance and operation of tankless water heaters.
  • SERVICE VALVE KIT FOR TANKLESS WATER HEATER: The tankless water heater service valve kit replaces up to 18 fittings and 16 connections used in typical tankless water heater installations, color-coded tee handle. Optional pressure relief and check valve.
  • MULTIPLE CONNECTION VALVE KIT: They are available in two valve sets or as a single valve with female threaded, union or quick-connect end options. The service valve kits are available with or without a relief valve. Facilitate service and maintenance with cold water inlet and hot water outlet valves certified to NSF/ANSI 61.
  • LEAD FREE VALVE KIT: The wetted surface of our Lead Free products contacted by consumable water contain less than one quarter of one percent (0.25 percent) of lead by weight.
  • WATER SERVICE VALVE KIT: Purge/drain ports allow regular cleaning to remove scale build-up. The kit includes LF4L - Lead free poppet type pressure relief valves for protection against excessive pressure and LFTWH - Lead Free Tankless Water Heater Valves.


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