Wilo S-21 Star-Speed Cast Iron Star Series Circulator, without Flanges



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Wet rotor circulation pump, with flanged connection. (Flange perpendicular to shaft). Cast iron body for hot-water heating systems of all kinds, industrial circulation systems, cold-water systems and air-conditioning systems.

  • Suitable for any installation position with horizontal shaft; terminal box in 3-6-9-12 o'clock position
  • Impedance protected motor, motor protection not required
  • Cable entry both sides of terminal box
  • Quick connection spring clips for simple electrical connection
  • Steel Terminal Box
  • Fits all Competitor's Models
  • Powerful Starting Torque
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Reliable Wet Rotor Technology
  • Optional Check Flange Set
  • Automatically Vented

  • Pump housing: Grey cast iron (EN-GJL200)
  • Impeller: Engineered Composite (PP - 40% GF)
  • Shaft: Stainless steel (Cr)
  • Bearing: Metal-impregnated carbon


Customer Reviews

No reviews yet Write a review